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Today I had a meeting with a parent and she asked me what she could do at home to support his son’s English. I gave her some ideas and thought it would be nice to share it with you in my last blog post.

*Label my body: Lay a big sheet of paper on the floor and ask your child to lie down on the sheet and trace their body. Prepare labeling cards beforehand and cut out the tracing. Hang the paper body on the wall and ask your kid to stick the labels on the right part of the body. Another activity is to label the body parts randomly and ask your child to put them in the right part. If the child is nonliterate you can ask them to touch the parts you say.

*Reading Corner: Hang the copy of the cover of each book that the child read. From time to time, ask questions about the books, their favorite one or the least enjoyed.

*Past Tense Corner: Past tense has always been a big problem when learning English especially the irregular ones. So, you can have a past tense corner so where the kid can write their day on a paper ,hang on the wall and practice the past tense. If the kid is nonliterate then they can picture the day and talk about it.

*Twister: Lay down the twister mat and put flashcards on each color. The idea is same with the game Twister but instead of colors you have pictures.

*Calendar: Print out an A3 size monthly calendar and make sure to write important things on it so that your child can both get organized and also practice English.

*Box Game: Get a middle sized box and make an English dice by sticking flashcards on it. Let them roll the dice and tell you what the word is. This game is suitable for revising the vocabulary of any subject.

*English Corner:Make sure there’s a place in the house that is all about English. This is good for practicing the language at home and emphasizing the importance of it. There may be books, games, flash cards, even photos with English teacher and friends.

I think these activities will help you give ideas to parents who ask for more:)

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  1.   eannegrenoble Says:

    teacher training in 6m20 AND such wonderful advice for parents. I’m looking forward to meeting you at ISTEK :-)

  2.   Esra Says:

    Thank you Eannegrenoble. Istek is a great opportunity to meet and share ideas. Come and meet me:)

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